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Top 5 Reasons to Use Livescribe Smartpen for Effective Note-Taking

Do you find note-taking to be a dull task? If your memory is far from being perfect, you can’t possibly avoid taking notes in class, at the meeting or otherwise. Livescribe Smartpen and iPhones can help you can make the process much more exciting!

Livescribe SmartpenLivescribe Smartpen is an awesome tool for taking digital notes. This high-tech gadget is coupled with the Livescribe+ mobile app that can be easily and quickly installed on your smartphone or computer. The modus operandi is very simple: as you write something down on special “dot paper”, your notes are stored digitally in the pen, which instantly transmits the data to your smartphone, Mac or PC.

Here are top 5 reasons to use Livescribe Smartpen (iPhones) for taking notes:

Reason 1: Laptops distract everybody’s attention

A laptop at an important meeting can be too distracting for you and everyone else around you. Besides, when there is a Wi-Fi network, it gets harder to resist the temptation to check your email, send a couple of texts, or finish that weekly report.

Reason 2: It is easy to share your notes afterwards

Can you still remember your college experience of sharing notes with others?  That is very time-consuming and stressful! With Livescribe Smartpen, you can share recorded sessions effortlessly. Simply choose what part of your recordings you want to upload from your Livescribe Desktop and send the link to the person in need of those notes. There is a cool option that allows you to make your notes private (available on invitation only) or public so everyone can access them.

Reason 3: You can listen to the session at any time

Apart from taking notes, Livescribe Smartpen allows to record digitally whatever is going on around you while you are writing. Just click on the note and prepare to listen carefully!

Reason 4: You can use Livescribe Smartpen with almost any device

Being cross-platform compatible, Livescribe Smartpen plays well with almost any device, which is an extremely useful feature for multi-gadget people who have to switch between different devices all day long.

Reason 5: Synchronize your notes with Evernote

If you are a passionate fan of Evernote, you will love this one: your Livescribe Smartpen notes can be easily and quickly integrated with Evernote through the Livescribe Desktop.