We are a miniature pointing device, designed for use in handheld devices such as smartphones, navigating systems, and notebook PCs features technology uniting exceptionally small size with unprecedented user friendly control.

Our’s “fingertip control area” is only one square millimeter.

  • Solves the challenge of added smart phone functionality while maintain ing small footprint, combined with superior usability and performance and an intuitive interface
  • Eliminates need for small fingers in operating cell phones and other devices and delivers robust durability with no moving parts, helping to reduce replacement parts costs
  • Offers improved functionality, high resolution, and exceptional sensitivity

Our’s solution facilitates innovative designs and significantly improves products’ MMI. It eliminates the need to designate a flat space for using a mouse because Micropointing can be placed on rounded surfaces as well as very small spaces. This innovative solution is especially valuable in the fields of entertainment and command & control as well as in the medical, parental monitoring and gaming industries.


Our’s space-saving pointing and control device is much more efficient than the traditional touchpad, mainly because it requires only 1 sq. mm. to operate. Another great function of this electronic device is to work as a switch or control, which makes it possible for producers to replace not-so-convenient larger mechanical switches and buttons.

  • The prime advantage of this pointing device is its size: at present, it is the smallest device of its kind available on the market that has no mechanical moving parts.
  • The pointing device is very comfortable, easy-to-use, and accurate in operation.

The small footprint device is available in several physical configurations and can be easily adjusted to meet the user’s needs.


  • Cellphones, smartphones, PDAs, GPS
  • Ultracompact PCs, notebooks
  • Switches and controls for countless appliances—audio, light dimmers, kitchen
    aids, steering wheels, and more
  • TV remote controls
  • Cameras