Pros and Cons of Employees’ Usage of Mobile Apps

Managers are searching for new ways of managing the work of office stuff and employees are searching for the ways of communication with co-workers and how to get access to the essential information any time they need it. Mobile app is a sound solution to all these issues.

According to the analytics of the Future global survey, in future the work will be shifted to more convenient times and locations for workers and one person will use an average six devices to complete the work. Moreover, now a new trend appeared called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

As a consequence, the more employees use handheld devices to do their work, the more companies use mobile applications to help them with that. Recent Apperian survey showed that about three quarters of respondents are going to equip their employees with mobile apps. And 30% of respondents are deploying apps for more than 5,000 users in the next 2 years.

  • More than a half or respondents create apps to manage core business processes
  • A half of respondents are going to train the stuff to use the apps properly
  • More than 40% of respondents thoroughly check the analytics of mobility programs
  • Mobility of business is a main concern of 68% of companies in 2015
  • 60% of companies support BYOD approach
  • Mobile app development in a top priority of 66% of IT leading companies
  • More than a half of the companies are going to build at least 10 enterprise apps

Mobile apps in the workforce propose many various solutions like:

  • Ability to work on any device and any OS
  • Ability to create a convenient schedule and track the process of the accomplishment
  • Access to offline capabilities and synchronization of the apps when online
  • Usage of app packages that have different features
  • Management of parts and inventory
  • Management of the business and customer data
  • Ability to communicate directly with the needed person of the company

The disadvantages of this approach include the blurring between the work and personal life. The development of the workforce application requires also more efforts as it is necessary to create an app that allows easy data entry, simple navigation and quick access to the main functions. This kind of app cannot fully replace the desktop enterprise software

When employees use their own devices for work, the following threats appear:

  • Security threats – tracking and stealing information, infecting and reconfiguring of devices
  • Grayware risks – may cause the leakage of enterprise information
  • Performance risks – apps can degrade employee’s productivity because of the battery drain or data usage