Parental Controls of iOS 8

Thoughtful parents nowadays face a dilemma of the Internet usage by kids. On the one hand, it is a powerful educational and communicational tool, and on the other hand, it is full of threats.

iOS proposes full range of settings to control the online activity of children as well as application management. Take into consideration that if you will select all restrictions without customization due to the age of your kid, all settings will be set to be appropriate for the youngest kids.

How to turn on iOS 8 Restrictions?

Follow these steps: in Settings app select General – Restrictions – tap Enable Restrictions – select a passcode (not the one you use for the device) – confirm it.

Restrictions will open a wide range of possibilities. First, you can control what apps your kid can download, purchase or install. Then consider the possibility of downloading content that is appropriate according to the age ratings.

You can block certain applications that are allowed by default. There apps are: Safari, the Camera, FaceTime, Siri & Dictation, and AirDrop. When it comes to the downloads of the content, pay attention to the fact that if you forbid the possibility of purchasing, downloading or installing will be switched on still. And if you block the iTunes, iBooks Store or Podcasts the child won’t be able to download any content you have purchased. You can also disallow in-app purchases.

Content Rating Filtering

Many countries have their own rating systems so it is essential to select the most appropriate one. You can block Explicit Content and Explicit Sexual Content. Bring into notice that a lot of content on the iTunes Store is not rated.

You can limit adult content or create a whitelist of allowed websites in the Websites settings.

How to protect personal information?

The Privacy section of the Restrictions settings enables you to restrict Location Services, Contacts, Reminders, Photos, Bluetooth Sharing, Twitter, Facebook etc.

In the Game Center you can allow or forbid your kid to play in multiplayer games or to add friends in Game Center.