Mobile Device Management Guideline

The truth should be told, circumspect MDM strategy is the basis of the efficient mobility deployment. In the perfect world, IT should get a notion of every handheld device used in the company by any employee to be able to create workable MDM system.

If the development of system leaves gaps and gives a chance for breaches, the results can be disastrous to the company, so it is essential to put in the best licks in order to create the system. Also it is a well-known fact that poor management of the mobile device performed by IT slows the performance of the device.

The increasing role of mobile devices in the workflow of the company

Up to recent days mobile devices were neglected by IT departments as they were considered too limited and of little use for the companies. However, with the development of the technologies the mobile devices get more access to the information of the companies and IT have no possibility to secure the flow of the information as they can’t manage the mobile devices of the employees.

MDM systems are specially created to secure the information and control handheld devices carried by your workforce. However, there are too many variations of the systems and tools and to choose the one that meets your requirements it is necessary to figure out first, what exactly you need.

Choose the mobile asset inventory

Figure out, what hardware do you need to track? Then select the classification of the mobile devices and the ways of updating the inventory. In case if you want to know the location of the device, use MDM systems that support GPS tracking features. MDM also makes possible the integration of mobile device records into a common database and you can take an advantage of it.

Select the way of authorization of a new device, then choose platforms of supported devices.

The further choice of the system requires answers to the following questions:

  • Who will register the devices to the system?
  • How are you going to install the MDM software?
  • How are you going to override the carrier defaults?
  • How will you aggregate related apps?
  • Will you place unreliable or limited WAN?
  • What will be the frequency of updates?
  • How will users get an access to their mobile devices?
  • Will you wipe clean the mobile devices remotely?
  • How are you going to protect the traffic?

And these are only a few questions that can help you to choose the system that will hit the spot. Choose well and you will duly appreciate the work of MDM.