How to Manage Child’s Screen Time Effortless

Today parents duly appreciate the help of computers in the education and entertainment of kids, however, it seems that now it is necessary to manage the screen time for kids as they spend too much time in front of it. Here we have gathered some practical tips how to manage the time of kids.

  1. Place the PC or other web-connected device in the location visible to you. Store all handheld devices somewhere in the kitchen, for example, because if the child will keep them in the bedroom, he won’t resist using it past bedtime. So here is the rule: when we sleep, our gadgets also sleep.
  2. Set time limits that are realistic to your family. Discuss it with your partner and children: for example, you may consider prohibiting of screen time until the homework is done or limitation of screen time on weekends between 8 p.m. and 10a.m.
  • The kids should have a clear knowledge that all devices in the house belong to adults and only they can decide who and when is going to use it.
  • Create something like a contract according to which kids can use the devices
  • Create a chart of using the devices
  1. Explain the consequences of breaking the terms of usage of the devices
  • Always follow the contract of the usage.
  • Use parental control apps that have a feature of setting time limits of the usage.
  1. Set the apps of this kind to the devices that your kids use or you can take an advantage of parental control settings proposed on various devices
  2. Use screen time as a reword.
  • For example, kids will have to take all their toys and things to their places before playing with your iPhone.
  • Reward them with extra minutes of screen time for some good actions
  • Give access to the screen only when kids show you the complete homework.
  1. Screen time should be family time. Find a movie to watch with a whole family or a game you can play together.
  2. Propose tech-free options to kids: fill the house with games, toys, puzzles and other activities so the kids will have a choice.
  3. Be an example. Put aside your own device and spend tech-free time with your family.