How to Apply New Technologies Successfully

It is easy to find the company that hasn’t changed the technological processes for decades and still is successful, though the operational methods are outdated. We give them proper respect as the success of such companies is visible and unquestionable.

However, sooner or later any company has to implement new technologies to get better results. And the practice shows that the best way to bring new technologies in is to change the whole management plan. Still, among such long-lasting companies you can find some that will never change despite the fact that changes would be really helpful.

What are the reasons of being unchanged?

In common, all people are afraid of changes as they bring something new and unknown to them. The main reason is fear: fear of failure, how would people accept the changes, fear of unknown. Moreover, changes are always risky and not all are ready for it.

But today new danger has appeared: a risk to be left in the basket. Development of the technologies has reached such level that companies that do not use them in most cases will soon lose all success.

Leaders of the company consider implementation of technologies as a complete change of relationship between employer and employees, that is why certain questions appear:

  • Who can lose a job?
  • Whose work hours will be reduced?

To many employees the answers may seem too hard so they are stressed because of that. That is why the company that has an intention to implement something new successfully has to address these concerns at the beginning of the whole process. Moreover, it would be advisable to assign workers with such assignments that cannot be done with automation.

Other successful tactics of the implementation are:

  • Let the knowledgeable and respectful person to introduce and explain changes to others
  • Provide solid research on the right technology. Otherwise, the whole process of implementation will be useless
  • Connect with companies similar to yours to see their ways of development
  • Take benchmarking trips with your key employees
  • All stuff should be involved in the new technology process
  • Pay thorough attention to training of peer leaders
  • Document the training
  • Use encouragement and easily achieved short term goals
  • Be confident and show your confidence to employees