Android Devices Parental Control Features

Kids are tech savvy nowadays, so do not be fooled by their playing with your smartphone or tablet – they can be browsing the Internet at the moment Think of setting parental control features on your device to secure your kids from inappropriate websites or content.

If you have Android tablet:

  • Android OS version 4.2 or above allow tablet users to switch between a number of different user accounts. Create a new account for your kid and block all unnecessary apps and features that might be inappropriate for the child. To do it, find the Users in Settings and choose To add a new profile option and select a restricted profile option. You can set up a PIN or passcode thereto make sure that your kid won’t be able to change the profile and get access to your profile. There you can select the whitelist of allowed applications.

If you have Android phone and tablet:

Owners of HTC are happy people because the manufacturer has already supplied the device with Kid Mode software so there is no need to discover the continents again. Some other manufacturers do that too, so look through the settings of your device to see if you have any. Otherwise you can do the following:

  • Protect the Play Store with a password to make sure that kid won’t get access to it. In the Settings menu of the App Store select User controls and tap on Require authentication for purchases.
  • Look through the Settings of your applications and switch off the possibility to install applications from unknown resources.

How about content filtering?

Set up Play Store filtering so the kids will see the apps that are appropriate for their age. In the Parental controls option select the category of appropriate age rating. Take into consideration that each category can be set individually.