We live in a world with an enormous amount of mobile electronic devices; the vast majority of which are manually controlled. As chip technology improves, these devices are becoming continuously smaller, raising the value of real estate for product controls. Device manufacturers are pressed to shrink the size of device controls, while providing full functionality and comfortable use. Our’s powerful trackpad control is the solution. We offers the same capabilities as a PC touchpad but requires only a fraction of the space.

The huge advantage of the tiny size enables the integration of the mouse
on very small control utilities and on practically any surface

We introduces a miniature pointing device (mouse) and digital control for cell phones and other devices. We offers full functionality and comfort of use while avoiding the “small fingers” requirement. The space-saving, high resolution device enhances user efficiency and reduces costs.

One of device’s digital control features is internet security for kids, which allows remote monitoring of your child’s online activity. The main idea of the device comes from the continuous interest in online applications, gaming and simple internet browsing of children. Mobile parental control app was launched to avoid unwanted access to 18+ websites and cyberbullying in social media.